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Do you have a life altering decision that you need assistance with making? Are you trying to decide if making a gamble with your life savings will pay off? Are you and a friend unable to agree on something, and are seeking for a third party to arbitrate a decision? Why not ask a computer!



Dynamic Aninotes allow you to customize some of the content based on the URL (what you type into your browsers address bar). Everything preceeding .Ask.the.Sphere.Aninote.com will be added to the Aninote as text.

You can put anything you want here, with as many words as you want. Custom text that is too long may look strange in the Aninote, but feel free to experiment.

You do not need to register with this site or even go to the URL before sending the Aninote (URL) to someone, or many people. The Aninote is generated when anyone visits the custom address.


Q: I want to ask a number of questions, but I donít want to sit through the whole speech anymore. Can I skip it?
A: Put /quick or /q at the end of the url (e.g. http://question.ask.the.Sphere.Aninote.com/quick), and the Sphere will skip the introduction, and get right to your question.

Q: I want the Sphere to pick a number for me between 1 and 10.
A: It can do that too! Put http://1.to.10.ask.the.Sphere.Aninote.com will get the Sphere to pick a number for you. Replace the numbers with any range you want. You can also put anything in front of the numbers, (e.g. http://What.is.the.next.winning.roulette.number.0.to.37.ask.the.Sphere.Aninote.com )

Q: I sent someone a link with a question. Can I see what answer they got?

A: Register and Login to this site. Once youíve logged in, click Watch Dynamic Aninote. Here you can add the Aninote URL to your watch list prior to sending it to someone. When they view it, it will record when they viewed it, along with the answer provided.


I am not responsible if you make bad life decisions based on the advice of an Internet computer. That stated, Iím sure you would have made an even worse decision on your own.

Supported players


  • http://Will.the.Toronto.Maple.Leafs.stop.sucking.ask.the.Sphere.Aninote.com
  • http://When.will.aliens.visit.our.planet.ask.the.Sphere.Aninote.com
  • http://What.is.the.next.winning.roulette.number.0.to.37.ask.the.Sphere.Aninote.com