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Dynamic Aninotes

Custom Aninotes


Custom Aninotes allow you to add your personal touch to an Aninote, making them that much more special. Register any available address for the freedom to provide a personal message to be displayed in the Aninote animation, for when you need to convey your own message. Custom Aninotes also give you the option to be notified when somebody views your Aninote, and where they came from.


To create a custom Aninote for You.Are.My.Love, go here.

The following describes the fields you will need to enter when creating a custom Aninote:

- Desired Address is the web address you would like your Aninote to reside on. The.Girl.Next.Door..You.Are.My.Love.Aninote.com is an example of this.
- Recipients Name is the person (or group) you are sending this Aninote to. The recipient name will show up in the Aninote. This can be completely different then the address, so you are not tied to having the recipient name in the address like you are with dynamic Aninotes.
- Your Name is your name. This is not used anywhere but in the automated e-mails we send you, like when your registration is completed
- Your e-mail address is your e-mail address. This will be used ONLY to communicate to you about your Aninote.
- Would you like to leave a personalized message? If you’re creating a custom Aninote, it is usually a good idea to customize it with your own message. So unless you have writers block, you should say yes.
- Message to display in Aninote is where you write the message that will show up in your Animation. Ensure this is what you want, as you cannot modify it later (yet).
- Time to display message is the time your customized message will remain on the screen in seconds. You should have the message display long enough for the recipient to read it, plus a second or two.
- Would you like to be e-mailed when each of the first 5 people view your Aninote? If so, then select ‘yes’. Automated e-mails will be sent the first 5 times somebody views your Aninote, and lets you know where they came from if that information is available.


Go to: http://The.Girl.Next.Door.You.Are.My.Love.Aninote.com or http://The.Girl.Next.Door.YouAreMyLove.Aninote.com